Dre Gipson


Dre Gipson (Ex-Fishbone,USA) has been making its way across the United States and Europe with a unique and harmonious blend of rock, reggae, funk and soul performed with his band Hunter Green. Later, his project was reinvented with a fresh and raw sound with the fantastic French band Dätcha Mandala, with whom he continued to promote his songs live in several European countries.

In 2016 Dre Gipson joins “The Black Joke Cannons” formed by Jose Antonio Serrano and Francisco Prieto on guitars, Fernando Segura on bass and Marcos Linares on drums.   Thanks to the excellent musical connection that has emerged, the tandem “Dre Gipson & The Black Joke Cannons” has become a forceful project full of live energy.

For a good part of 2017 Dre Gipson has been dedicated to the recording of their most recent compositions, working in recording studios in the USA, France and Spain. For this purpose, he has counted on the participation of several musicians close to the artist, among whom, of course, are the members of Black Joke Cannons. With them he recorded “Cops And Robbers”, “High Sea” and “Anger Management”, songs that have been recently released on his new EP titled as one of his songs: “High Sea”.

Dre Gipson & The Black Joke Cannons. They successfully fuse various styles among which alternative rock, soul and reagge predominate.