Lüdmilä is above all an encounter of different worlds and musical paths. The influences of the minimalist rock of the 80s are still underlying; a kind of base for the band’s music that comes to meet with a more acoustic music.

Lüdmilä proposes a universe where acoustic and melancholic sounds mix delicately. The voice is considered an instrument in itself, giving a reassuring impression to each composition.

After the release of the EP “Transporting by the train” on the Another Record label in 2003, the band expanded with the arrival of a drummer in 2006 and a second guitarist in 2008. Around a collective of six musicians, many free electrons bring their colours to the tracks and concerts (percussion, vocals, guitars…).

Since September 2003 and with a large number of concerts, Lüdmilä has differentiated its scenic experiences according to the concert halls and the proposed supports such as: dance, theatre, video, painting.

LÜDMILÄ group composition: Franck (vocals), Laurent (bass), Jean-Luc (guitars), François (accordion), Frédéric (trumpet), Thomas (drums), Gwen (vocals, drums).