Sons of Med

Sons of Med

Sons of Med is an indie rock band born in Barcelona in 2017. With strong blues influences, the band has grown up between old school bluesman and bands like The Black Keys or Kaleo.

Sons Of Med began to form when Ignasi (singer and guitarist) and Albert (drummer), decided to meet up to play versions of rock classics. Shortly afterwards, Victor on guitar and Dudu on bass were added, and the exploration of the blues and psychedelic sounds that have always accompanied the band began, an exploration that led to the creation of the first songs of their own.
At the end of 2018, an important change took place in Sons of Med, when Dudu had to leave the band to continue his studies abroad. This meant that Carlos entered the bass, and an intense process of composition with the new, more indie direction of the project began. This process culminated in March 2019 with the recording of the new EP “On Route”, produced by Carlos Dueñas at ArcticWave Studio.
During this 2019, Sons Of Med has toured Spain (with some events abroad), and has planned the videoclips that accompany the EP singles, recorded and edited by TopCornFilms.

“On Route” is the first Sons Of Med EP, with 5 tracks recorded and produced by Carlos Dueñas at Artic Wave Studio. The album seeks to treat rock in a modern way, exploring the indie sound and even surfing while keeping its roots in the blues. The EP is also an evolution of Sons Of Med towards its maturity. It deals with everyday issues of today’s society such as the emotional dissatisfaction of their generation or feminism.
This work was published on December 13, 2019, although the two singles of the EP were previously published. The first, “I Wanna Know”, was released on 7 June and the second, “Life Goes On”, on 8 November.

The project was started by Ignasi Padrós and Albert Camacho when they met at university, and because of their musical tastes, one of them was a guitarist and the other one was a drummer, and both were bad students, they became friends right away. After meeting a couple of times to play some rock classics, they decide to form a band. That’s when Victor Carvajal, a close friend of Ignasi’s, joined the band. It is there, in 2017, when the project takes the name of “Sons of Med”. The last one to join as a bassist was Carlos Gálvez, the junior of Sons Of Med.

Sons of Med makes a fusion of the musical influences of each one: Ignasi and Victor always looked at the great bluesmen like B.B. KING or John Lee Hooker, with their bluesman lyrics and the use of Slide.  Carlos and Albert are passionate about Jazz and Funky. And of course, the four of us have a great influence of Rock.