Binaural / Exclusive release of the new Sons of Med EP

Move for a moment to a parallel galaxy. One in which Alex Turner, dressed in a striking crimson blazer, took the Arctic Monkeys of the debut LP to tread the same melodic tiles once ruled by Robert Plant and his henchmen. From that curious experiment worthy of a multiverse “MCU” would emerge, like a bastard son, Sons Of Med. The Barcelona-based ensemble, made up of Ignasi Padrós, Albert Camacho, Víctor Carvajal and Carlos Gálvez, is now the star of Binaural thanks to the landing of “On Route”, their new EP.

Recorded at the Arcticwavestudio with Carlos Dueñas, “On Route” presents 5 tracks in which the beautiful and anachronistic sound mentioned above comes to the fore. Although the LP will be officially released tomorrow (December 13), it is already possible to enjoy the album in streaming on Binaural.es. Don’t miss it.